RBA Statement of Management Will

Our top priority is people and the environment.
As our business grows and expands, we are aware of the growing need to assess our influence on the local community and environment. Equally as important as our fundamental principles of creating and producing products based on a customer-centric mindset are people and the environment in our company strategies and work policies.
This will enable us to explore and implement sustainable management policies.

Our conduct and commitment
Our dedication to Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) principles and norms drives business and sustainable management strategies. The RBA's guiding principles and codes of conduct are represented in managerial decision-making and internal codes of conduct, procedures and standards, audit processes, and contracts with suppliers.
We shall work to enhance the human rights of all our members and abolish prejudice.
We shall aim towards EHS compliance in the workplace.
We shall comply with legal obligations and ethical standards.
We shall design and implement corporate policies and processes that reflect the RBA policy's criteria.
We shall periodically verify compliance with the on-site audits to validate RBA compliance.
We shall stipulate in the contract that we will adhere to RBA criteria in our dealings with partners, and shall monitor compliance through due diligence and audits.
We shall monitor and develop on-site implementation to ensure that all workplaces comply with the HR, EHS, compliance, and ethics policies effectively in accordance with RBA policy.
We shall observe and cultivate the aforementioned to conduct sustainable management via shared growth with people, the environment, and the community.

January 2, 2021

Steve Yuk