Labor Management Policy

Valueplus Co., Ltd. shall contribute to the growth of society via the positive effect of an enterprise that respects and defends human rights, and shall do all possible to ensure the pleasure of all employees and stakeholders.

We shall not tolerate employment discrimination based on race, religion, disability, gender, educational background, age, physical condition, national origin, area of origin, political stance, and so on, and we shall value diversity.
We shall endeavor to improve gender-discriminatory policies and practices in recruiting and promotion, and to preserve the maternity leave and work-life balance of female employees.

Prohibition of child and forced labor
We prohibit forced and child labor and shall adhere to all International Labor Organization-recommended and state-ratified labor norms on safety, health, and working hours.

Guaranteed freedom of association
We shall guarantee the freedom of collective bargaining and association and seek shared prosperity based on mutual trust between management and labor.

January 2, 2021

Steve Yuk